virus: All hail James Burke.

Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 20 Apr 1996 23:21:26 +0000

Reed Konsler wrote:

[on the subject of James Burke]

The BBC shows are in my opinion the finest use on the medium of TV
> I've ever seen. They rock. If you haven't seen them your life is less for the
> lack. Wow, are they cool.
> I am left speechless every time I think of how good they are. Words cannot
> describe it well.
> Of corse, the books are really good, too.

I have seen the shows and highly recommend them as well.

Burke has a way of speaking plainly and using juxtaposition as a device
for entertainment and enlightenment. He is completely disarming and a
charming thinker.

I would vote to make him a minor saint in the Church of Virus- if not a
full fledged one.
> Reed Konsler