Re: virus: Faith and intuition

David McFadzean (
Thu, 18 Apr 1996 14:25:38 -0600

At 12:29 PM 18/04/96 -0600, Tad Griffin wrote:

>Some constructive critisism: The only thing that strikes me as a bit off
>is FAITH as one of the three sins. Without it we are limited to only what
>we can comprehend intellectualy- and the universe is of course vastly
>greater than that.

Yes I agree and when I say "faith" I am using the term in the same
way that religions use "faith" as a virtue. I should be more explicit
in my description of the sin.

>I am simply of the opinion that Faith and Reason are intrinsicly
>interwoven and go hand in hand with each other. To juxtapose them as
>opposites is dangerous.

Beliefs and Reason are intrinsically interwoven but I avoid referring to
beliefs as Faith precisely because the latter has other connotations from
religious contexts which confuse the issue.

>Is reason to be valued over intuition?

Yes, intuition is an evolved subconscious approximation of reason. Of
course it is still necessary, but it would be irrational to value it
more than reason. (Most people seem to attribute special qualities to
intuitive knowledge because it is mysterious, this is a mistake.)

>Could "Think critically, act rationally" just as well be "Feel sincerely,
>live authentically"?

They certainly complement each other but I don't think they are the same.

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