[Fwd: Re: virus: Demon thread

Ken Pantheists (kenpan@axionet.com)
Wed, 17 Apr 1996 02:50:50 +0000

Orphelia wrote:
> Personally, to try to remain objective, I would have to disagree with
> your views that Christianity is the demon. The "demon" would have to be
> all religions which ask its followers to risk everything based upon some
> faith that there is something to gain in an afterlife and that there is
> an accessible enlightenment. In addition, the "demon" manifests itself
> with its followers because they all too passively accept these ten
> commandments or koran or whatever and use it to justify enslavement,
> genocide, sexism, and the list extends for miles and miles...
> Cecille

According to your definition, science and rational thought are demons as well. Did the
scientific revolution not start based on the principle of attainable enlightment
through rational thought? Has genocide never been justified by using, twisting,
manipulating darwinian ideals? Has our society never practiced enslavement without
submitting a rational explaination for abusing an "inferor" race/culture? Do
otherwise rational people not piss on welfare recipients because of statistics? Do we
not practice darwinistic sexism? I have a drinking buddy who is a machinist and a
welder. He dabbles in scientific thought (in much the same way as some of you dabble
in spiritual thought) and he told me that he heard about some scientific study where
"they" proved that women are better at organizing and arranging shapes, picking shapes
out of random groupings etc. and that men had a proven aptitude for spatial problems.
For him, this was proof of the woman's place as gatherer, homemaker and the man's
place as hunter, adventurer.

Now if you were there, Cecille, you probably would have argued with him and he would
have told you to be rational, accept the truth, go home and make some babies. Then you
might have used your aptitude for spatial problems to punch him in the nose.

I'm working on this friend of mine. Only recently he actually stopped calling gays and
lesbians a bunch of sick and deranged psychopaths. (Something science only managed to
do in 1963- thanks to darwin.) Yes! of course, religion has done this too. My point is
that it is very easy to use polemic terms like "this is virtuous" and "this is
demonic". Hell, Jerry Falwell makes a career out of it. The trick is to realize what
the true demons are: unenlightened self interest- greed, laziness, jealousy,
irrational anger, ignorance ... aren't these the seven deadly sins? Hmmmm.

I believe there was another posting on this board by John A. (the guy you were
responding to in your message) where he said magic does not exist because science
proves otherwise. I would encourage you to do a little semantic origami and fold those
two terms together. Try magic AS science or science AS magic. I've found that I can
understand more of our history as a species if I think of them this way. Magic was
Science version 1.0