Re: virus: Atheism and Agnosticism (demon thread)

John A (
Tue, 16 Apr 1996 19:09:23 -0500

You wrote:

> Personally, to try to remain objective, I would have to disagree with
> your views that Christianity is the demon. The "demon" would have to be
> all religions which ask its followers to risk everything based upon some
> faith that there is something to gain in an afterlife and that there is
> an accessible enlightenment. In addition, the "demon" manifests itself
> with its followers because they all too passively accept these ten
> commandments or koran or whatever and use it to justify enslavement,
> genocide, sexism, and the list extends for miles and miles...
> Cecille
If you look at christianity's (by christianity I mean mormonism,
catholicism, and other christian sects) track record in history, you'll
find nothing but oppression. At first christianity brought education to
pagan (or "uncivilized") peoples. With this, though, christianity
brought it's doctrine. Science and truth are just fine for christianity,
until they contradict christian doctrine. Then things get ugly. Millions
were killed in the crusades; the inquisition took out more people than
Hitler could handle. In more recent history, christianity has been used
to support slavery, "manifest destiny", unequal rights for women,
censorship and numerous other social evils. Right now there are
missionary groups that are travelling to places in Africa and South
America to give tribes that have no written language a means to
translate the bible. They are basicaly going to these places and
informing them that their nakedness is evil, and that they are going to
burn in hell because they are "immoral animals". Members of these tribes
are intellectualy powerless to prevent this; they believe that spirits
govern most of the workings of the world. When the "good", "moral"
christians are finished washing these poor peoples brains out nice and
clean, they leave them programmed and "holy", with no minds of thier own.

I am not saying that every christian everywhere is inherently evil. When
dealing with a religion, one must examine what is true of the religion
as a whole. There are many christians that are very good people. The
religion taken as a whole, however, yields what I have shown.

We call Jeffery Dahmer a demon because he killed thrity or forty people.
(I am not sure exactly)Christianity has killed billions. Why can't
christianity be a demon as well?

John Aten
"Truth demands to be declared even if it is ugly 
 and unethical" -F. Nietzsche

"Of each thing ask, what is it? What is its nature? What is it of itself" -Marcus Aurelius