virus: Atheism and Agnosticism

John A (
Sun, 14 Apr 1996 11:11:42 -0500

Atheism and Agnosticism are very similar idealogies. I think that many
"agnostics" say that they are agnostic just so they will not be called
atheists. Thanks to Christianity, "Atheist" has become a loaded word,
bringing endless negative connotations. When people hear the word
"atheist", it immediately calls to mind images of immorality, satanism,
witchcraft and inbridled evil. When people hear the word "agnostic",
they ask what it is. No one has been programmed to fear agnostics. I
have called myself agnostic for precisely this reason. I am currently
rethinking this. Although I believe in the concept of a god, the concept
that I believe is feasable is so far removed than the common christian
god that it is irrecognizable to any religious faith.
John Aten
"Truth demands to be declared even if it is ugly 
 and unethical" -F. Nietzsche

"Of each thing ask, what is it? What is its nature? What is it of itself" -Marcus Aurelius