Re: virus: RE: Future of Man

John A (
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 23:27:58 -0600

JD wrote:

> Science will probably never prove or disprove the theory of a god,
> what god are you talking about. All is opinion and personal perception.

When I speak of "god" I am speaking of what is eternal; the immuttable
postulate upon which the physical world is based, if such a postulate
exists. The term "god" brings to mind an image of an omnipresent,
anthropomorphic entity, but that image is false. It seems logical to me
that "god" is a force; not a man on a cloud with a flowing white beard
that manipulates humans in some ethereal game of chess. I suppose this
belief would categorize me as an atheist, but I don't use the term
because it has become such a loaded word. I would like to know how some
fellow C of V members define what it means to be an "atheist".