virus: RE: Future of Man

John A (
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 19:33:33 -0600

In response to JD's hypothetical question, what would be
the purpose of eternal life? It is a popular notion (a notion that I
tend to share) that the only purpose of life is to reproduce, and if
humans were immortal we would not be able to do this. My question is,
why would humans want to continue with no purpose? This is precisely why
atheism is unpopular; a god gives people meaning for their otherwise
meaningless lives. The wish to be immortal is closely related to the
wish to have a god. It is a response to a fear of death.

Death must be either a complete end to conscience or a change in
conscience. An end to conscience would not be negative, because we would
have no mind with which to contemplate our condition. On the other hand,
a change in conscience, such as reincarnation or induction into some
sort of heaven, would not be negative unless we go to some sort of hell.

But to answer the question, I would say that I would try. Immortality
would be a blessing that would probably metamorphasise into a curse, but
in this case I suppose I could end my own life.

I would also like to say that belief in a god has nothing to do with the
theory of evolution. It is true that a god did not create humankind in
the biblical sense, but as yet there exists no absolute proof that no
god exists. Science has not (yet) explained whether or not a god created
the universe or is a part of it. This is getting into an altogether
different topic that I personaly would like to pursue if anyone else
would care to join me.

John Aten