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Vicki Rosenzweig (
Wed, 20 Mar 1996 10:36:00 -0800 (PST)

It looks as though the way to go is a route already
taken, namely that of the mitochondria. If anyone leaves
this planet and thus outlives the Sun, we'll be taking the
mitochondria with us, because they're integrated so
thoroughly into all animals.

Vicki Rosenzweig
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Date: Tuesday, March 19, 1996 11:24PM

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> >From the point of simply maximizing your numbers, the bacteria would be
> the best system to use, since from the point of view of sheer numbers,
> they clearly win.

Right now they do. But evolution is an eternal tournament with the winner
moving to the next round and the losers being consigned to oblivion. I
would choose the human as my survival vehicle because I would be more
likely to survive for a longer period of time. I would have a chance to
escape the destruction of the solar system and eventually propagate
throughout the universe.

I might take a chance and be a bacteria such as E. coli which lives
inside humans but you would never know if you would be eradicated before
the Diaspora.

Duane Hewitt