Re: virus: Abortion, etc.

Ronald Ferruci (
Sun, 17 Mar 1996 16:49:34 -0600

>Ronald Ferruci,

>I'm having a hard time following your recent arguments. Would you mind
>sharing with me your definition of intelligence?

First of all, I'm not the one that brought up the matter of
intelligence. Someone else said that thought is what seperates us
from the other animals. I disagreed by saying that we can't prove
that they can't think and that i believe that it is quite possible
that they can think. Whoever i first started conversing with on the
subject either took what i sauid tho mean that they are more
intelligent than us, or he did it on purpose in order to make my
argument seem less valid.
All i said was that they probably can think, and i naver compared
their thought processes to ours, much less said that they were more
intelligent than us.

But anyway, i don't try to define intelligence because to me it is
a pretty hard thing to describe. 1st of all, intelligence is a
concept, it's abstact. We try to decribe it when other concepts but
its really an interpretation of what we think it is.
But i don't think intelligence is just being able to design dam,
but taking into consideration all of the consequnces and if you do
make the dam, learning from the mistakes that you see. And there is
nothing intelligent about writing a symphony, that is a matter of
creativity (and musical talent) but then that could be considered a
part of intelligence.