Re: Opposable thumbs (was Re: virus: Abortion, etc.)

John Steele (
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 15:14:46 -0600


> I think that, in general, having tools that allow to do more things faster
>creates more opportunities for intelligence; also having better tools
>allows you to survive and multiply that is quite useful for intelligence;
>other than that, I do not see much connection with opposable thumbs.
>One could also make the reverse connection: an appearance of intelligence
>allowed us to utilize additional organ functions that otherwise wouldn't
>make that much sense to develop.

You lost me here. Please explain how, "having tools that allow to do more
things faster creates more opportunities for intelligence". Also, how is
multiplying useful for intelligence? This just doesn't follow. Or perhaps
I misunderstand you.

One thing that should be kept in mind when talking about evolution and
intelligence is that there is no Divine Plan in evolution, with greater
intelligence being the goal at the end of the road.

The only "goal" is reproduction, specificaly DNA reproduction. One
species having more intelligence than another species does not
necessarily mean that the former is better (fitter) at doing this. In
fact, sometimes it's worse.


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