The Moral Animal (was Re: virus: RE: virus, Abortion, etc.)

David McFadzean (
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 11:31:43 -0700

At 01:07 PM 13/03/96 -0600, John Steele wrote:

>For a more lucid description of this idea, and an introduction to the
>whole area of Evolutionary Psychology, I highly recommend Richard
>Wright's book, The Moral Animal.

A quote from the aforementioned book ...

"Understanding the often unconscious nature of genetic
control is the first step toward understanding that --
in many realms, not just sex -- we're all puppets, and
our best hope for even partial liberation is to try to
decipher the logic of the puppeteer."

I'm only 90 pages into it but I would already wager that The Moral
Animal is going to be added to the Virus list of recommended books.

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