Re: virus: Abortion, etc.

Ronald Ferruci (
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 18:02:32 -0600

>>Despite the fact that
>>some birds, for instance, can mimic human speech patterns, they generally
>>don't start engaging in dialogue with us... yet a human being learning to
>>imitate speech patterns does.
They probably don't start engaging in conversation with us because
they don't understand our words. It's like coming accross a group of
people whose languarge you don't understand, unless someone you know
understands what they are saying you're going to have a hard time
even figuiring out what they are trying to say.

>>As an aside, I wonder if and how the opposable thumb and human
>>intelligence are related. Any thoughts, anyone?
I didn't say that intelligence and the opposable thumb are related,
just that even if you could come up with the things you say, without
an opposable thumb these things are nothing but a pipe dream

>>Um... have you ever taken a tour of one? Seen the plans for one? Talked
>>to an engineer who has worked on or studied one?
The environmental destruction caused by the building and
implementation of the dam are not very intelligent. And some of the
most beutiful songs I have ever heard have come from birds

>>Says who? You? God? Why should let either one you tell me what I do or
>>do not have the right to do?
You're on a atheist list and you're talking about god (and
capitalizing it nonetheless). And i think you should check the
structure of your last sentence, i don't think it's grammatically
correct. What do you mean by "either one?"
>>perhaps we should also define what we mean by "exploit".
I mean the usage of to fulfill our own selfish designs.