virus: Hi again, David

Tracy Harms (
Mon, 04 Mar 96 20:44:16 0700

I suppose I should plan on submitting a book review of _Philosophical
Darwinism_. It's not for the faint of heart, getting down-and-dirty in
the heaviest philosophical argument of all time, but he sure hits a
zinger. To continue the baseball metaphor, he definitely puts the ball
over the fence; what I can't quite tell is whether the ball strays foul
in the process. But at the least it is an excellent attempt, and if his
reappraisal doesn't fail this is one of the great philosophical works,
period. I just wish Bartley were alive to assess and critique it.

So, another thing I've been meaning to do is ask you about your object
collection . . . wasn't it for genetic programming? Or was it A-life?
Anyway, please refresh my memory, and give me a teaser of what might
coax you into letting me render a version of your library in Dylan.

Thanks. Hope all is well with you and yours.