virus: "Don't try any of your voodoo shit on me"

David McFadzean (
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 14:13:05 -0700

This kind person has brought to my attention that my immortal soul
is headed straight to hell. I thought I should forward it to the
list since anyone subscribing to Virus is probably also in danger
of everlasting torment. :)

>Okay, what is up with this, you crazy person? Do you think worshipping the
>devil is cool or what? Because even if you say you are not a part of
>Satanism, you are, you blind crazy person. With views like these, I think
>the place you will end up is hell. And you might think you have some sort
>of power now, but wait until you are in hell and you aren't worth shit.
>Because there will always be some freak that will kick your butt and you
>will forever be in pain and in hot, hot fire, and will hate it. Do you
>think you can then overthrow the devil once you get in hell? Get a clue
>there, sonny. You are a lunatic. Anything that denies God or Jesus is of
>the devil. And, I think these are your intentions, you bastard.
> Have you ever heard of Jesus? Well, Mr., He is all-powerful. God is
>the one that overthrew Satan. Not the other way around. Remember.
> So, get a clue. Pray the the one will can really give you power, you
>crazy man.
> Have a good day
> P.S. Don't try any of your voodoo shit on me, it won't work