Re: virus: pop quiz #6
Wed, 14 Feb 1996 17:29:44 -0500

At 12:29 PM 2/14/96, David McFadzean wrote:
>Which statement holds the most truth?
>The world is made of objects.
>The world is made of words.
>The world is made of relations.
>The world is made of atoms.
>The world is made of values.
>The world is made of laws.
>The world is made of qualia.
>Something else?

Wittgenstein would say (and I think I would agree) that this
question is not conducive to 'the right method' of philosophical inquiry
because whatever you are referring to as 'The world' is determined by the
answer to the question. In this sense, you could say that the answer is all
of the above.
I would assert that there is a phenomenal world defined by the
perceptual set and response algorithims of each conscious being. If there
is a noumenal world that is factual and outside our perceptions, we would
have no way of truly knowing much of anything about it.