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> Which statement holds the most truth?
> The world is made of objects.
> The world is made of words.
> The world is made of relations.
> The world is made of atoms.
> The world is made of values.
> The world is made of laws.
> The world is made of qualia.
> Something else?

The ontologist Reinhardt Grossmann (in _The categorial structure of
the world_ and _The existence of the world_) proposes that the world
is "made of" facts (more specifically, that it _is_ a complex fact,
that being a fact composed of simpler facts), with facts in turn
being composed of relations between a whole variety of entities -
individuals, properties, relations, structures, classes, quantifiers...
This much I can follow, but when he proposes that existence itself
is the ultimate substratum of the world, he loses me.