Re: 1st official religious holiday (was Re: virus: xmas)

John E.Mayer (
Tue, 2 Jan 1996 17:39:44 -0500

>That works for me. The triumph of light of darkness is suitably
>symbolic of the triumph of knowledge over ignorance, life over
>death. Next year it will be official: the Virus winter solstice
>celebration will be a 5 day festival lasting from Dec.21-26.
>That will give us another 5 days to recover in time for the New
>Year's Eve party.
>Now, can anyone think of a good reason (rationalization) to hold
>another 5 day festival around the summer solstice?

June 21 is Midsummer's Day, Alban Hefin in the Druidic tradition,
and the 24th is the Roman Festival of Fortuna, goddess of fortune.
That'd be a good time to span. Any ideas as to what to call it
(other than midsummer, that is)?

Papa John